Lorclon Ltd are a civil engineering and groundworks contractor based in West Ealing, London. We pride ourselves on our 'can do' attitude and our ability to deliver projects to the highest standards in Health, Safety, Environmental, Quality and to programme.

At Lorclon, people are our biggest asset. We consider one of our most important roles is capturing young people early and making the industry more inviting and appealing to them.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our work force and the community we operate in is important to Lorclon as a company. We strive to exceed industry standards by regular engagement with our workforce and the wider community. As our company grows, Health and Safety remains our highest priority. We are committed to investing in our staff's continuous training and development which will benefit our workforce and the wider community. Lorclon is an ISO 45001 accredited company and actively develop our health and safety standards by exceeding best practice requirements.


Lorclon is QMS certified and accredited to ISO9001:2015. Our dedicated Quality Manager and our quality department are committed to improving the overall performance on all our sites. All Lorclon sites are audited by our internal and external auditors to ensure compliance. Lorclon pride themselves on their excellent quality and attention to detail.


Lorclon is committed to protecting the environment by complying with all relevant UK legislation, meeting national standards relating to the environment and in accordance with best working practices currently in use by the industry. There is an ongoing commitment to recycling and the prevention of pollution which requires working procedures to be frequently reviewed and adapted to reflect the continual changes that are taking place in the industry. Lorclon is an ISO 14001:2015 accredited company and are committed to continually improving its management systems and fulfilling our compliance obligations to ensure environmental protection.


Lorclon’s biggest asset is our people; our staff are highly qualified with vast knowledge and experience. Lorclon continuously train, educate and develop the skill of our existing staff and recruit young people to our apprenticeship schemes. We continuously invest in our staff to ensure we support their professional development.


We believe that developing long term relationships with all who provide services to our business is crucial to our ability to provide clients with projects that deliver to the highest standard. Our business has been built on a collaborative culture. Through early engagement and working in partnership with our clients, we can address key performance requirements for health, safety, environmental and other corporate responsibility.

  • 🗹 BS ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • 🗹 BS ISO 14001 Environmental
  • 🗹 Supply Chain Sustainability School Gold Member
  • 🗹 FORS Silver
  • 🗹 BS ISO 45001 Health & Safety
  • 🗹 Builders Profile Premium Member
  • 🗹 CIRAS Safety Reporting Member
  • 🗹 Capital Constructionline Gold Member
  • 🗹 RISQS Railway Industry Supplier
  • 🗹 CITB Training Board Member

We Work With

Sustainability & Social Values

Lorclon is fully committed in playing its part in meeting the UK government legislation and target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. As a company Lorclon strives to achieve excellence in the field of preserving the environment and going above and beyond to reduce its scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions thorough everyday practices and big picture methods. With everything from waste segregation, reduction of fuel consumption and seeking the use of recycled materials where possible, right up to Companywide environmental and climate change campaigns, screening our approved supply chain to ensure sustainable practices and materials as far a reasonably practicable, and a commitment from senior management to offset our baseline carbon output annually by 15% rising in line with best industry practices. Lorclon are Gold Members of the Supply Chain Sustainability school and are ISO 14001 accredited.

Lorclon is an inclusive and diverse company we continue to liaise and work with the local community to provide employment and apprenticeships on our projects.

Our values

Lorclon is committed to conducting our business with integrity and the pursuit of excellence in all that we do. Our management team and Board of Directors are committed to honesty and compliance with all laws, rules, regulations and corporate policies that apply to our business, and we expect the same commitment from our employees, consultants, business partners and service providers. In particular, we are committed to acting responsibly, safely and with transparency in our interactions with clients and stakeholders.

We require all our suppliers that are involved in our supply chain to adopt sound human rights practices, to treat workers fairly, with dignity and respect and in all cases to eliminate human trafficking and slavery in their workplace.

Working with Lorclon

Lorclon have built a strong relationship with their existing clients and have worked with some clients since the company was formed. Lorclon’s company ethos is providing a product that the people involved in can say they are proud to be part of. Lorclon treat all projects with the same “We” attitude and through our vast debt of expertise will work towards the same goal, ensuring your project is delivered safely, on time and within budget.

Lorclon are a Considerate Contractor and do everything possible to engage with the local community. Lorclon respect the communities where we work and support them by employing local staff, supporting local charities, supporting local businesses and encouraging employee involvement in the community.

Lorclon as a company are ambitious, easy to work with, we are innovative and we care.

Our Policies

As a responsible contractor, Lorclon maintains & adheres to an extensive library of policies. Please click the links to view the relevant policy, and don't hesitate to contact us should you require any more information.

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