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Welcome to Lorclon Ltd

Lorclon Ltd are a civil engineering and groundworks contractor based in West Ealing, London. We are a proactive and collaborative company who readily adapt to our customers needs.

The company was formed by the owners Kevin Leahy and Michael O'Meara in 2006.  Their first major contract had a value of £75k but through sheer dogged hard work and perseverance, they have steadily grown the business year on year. We pride ourselves on our 'can do' attitude and our ability to deliver projects to the highest standards in Health, Safety, Quality and to programme.

In 2014, they decided to expand further and recruited Keith Morgan.  With over 40 years of major contracting experience under his belt, Keith was invited to join the board of Lorclon as Managing Director, with the ultimate responsibility for the companies performance and strategic direction.

Lorclon have grown rapidly and in 2017 turned over almost £20 million. The company currently employs over 135 full time staff and a large number of sub-contractors, it has taken on more apprentices and strengthened it's market position, enhancing both it's appeal and reputation.
Rising to Challenges

As we continue to grow our business, one of the biggest challenges we face is the 'stop start' aspect of our industry. It is very frustrating to build excellent teams of people only to have them disbanded as the continuity of work dries up or decisions to approve contracts get bogged down with red tape, lack of leadership, planning or design.

People are our biggest asset, skill shortages are already hitting the Construction industry hard and trying to attract good people into our industry is becoming more difficult. As a Parliamentary Representative, we consider one of our most roles in representing the construction industry to be capturing our young people early, and making the industry more inviting and appealing to them.
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