Chelsea Embankment Completion


In the leafy shadows of Sir Christopher Wren’s lesser known architectural masterpiece, the Royal Hospital Chelsea, the team at CHEEF have completed the Bull Ring architecture and landscaping works this week, a year in advance of its scheduled completion date.

The Bull Ring Gate Forecourt is now an open-air exhibition of muted granites framed by a widened York stone footpath apt for the promenading crowds attending the prestigious annual show season held at the Royal Hospital grounds. The scheme is subtle but appropriate with a nod to the historic riverbank. An old roundabout has been replaced by an elegant row of traditional bollards adding a sense of formality to the space which ties the scheme into the surrounding heritage elements.

This work front has been a marvellous example of team effort between FLO, Lorclon, HED and Tideway, and the quality of the final result speaks for itself. So if you find yourself attending the coveted flower show this summer, we recommend you ‘look down’ for a change as you enter through the Bull Ring Gate.

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