Engineering Excellence


Lorclon operate in most areas of the construction industry, working across both public and private sector, providing quality performance with uncompromising professionalism. We strive to expertly manage and deliver your project, both on time and within budget. We are market leaders in these sectors and continue to build on our reputation.

Lorclon are one of the UK's most experienced and trusted Railway Engineering companies with an unequalled reputation.

Our portfolio is impressive, we have worked on some of the most high profile rail projects in the UK including Docklands Light Railway, Thameslink Farringdon, London Bridge Redevelopment and London Bridge Urban Realm.  We are proud to be a trusted contractor for both Network Rail and Crossrail.  Our projects for Crossrail have included the Victoria Portal, Crossrail West, Crossrail Anglia and innumerable platform extensions, sidings, precast bridges, lift shafts, foundations and platform finishes.  We pride ourselves on being innovators in this sector and through our investment in technology like Asta BIM Modelling software, we are able to delivery an optimised tendering and delivery capacity programme that brings huge benefits to our clients.

Lorclon have the capability and the knowledge to undertake major road and bridge engineering projects providing complete encompassing solutions from innovative planning, project management, supply chain management and experienced, dedicated construction staff who are as committed to delivering your project successfully.

We tackle any size of project from simple precast bridges through to major road engineering schemes that involve every aspect from foundations, to RC works, drainage and hard landscaping.Our team are experts at planning and can be trusted to handle the complex but essential requirements of most road projects such as traffic diversions, temporary roundabouts and temporary roads.

We pride ourselves on working with the local community and our consultation process ensures that any work we carry out is staged in a timely fashion that provides minimal disruption to local business or the public.

Ground Works are an integral part of civil engineering projects. Our experience means we are often called upon to have early involvement to engineer cost and programme improvements.

Our vastly experienced team have delivered every project  from small scale ground renovation work to large scale excavation, drainage and foundation works. We have carried out Ground Works on behalf of some of the largest UK companies from Costain to Taylor Woodrow to Balfour Beatty and our expertise is constantly in demand.Another element of our expertise in groundworks is our underpinning capability.

We have proudly recently completed a very technically and logistically challenging project at King's Chapel and Sloane Building in Chelsea where we underpinned two basements to a depth of 7m using 110 pins.

For any civil engineering or construction project these days, Urban Realm is a key consideration for those planning, designing and developing.  Urban Realm is the consideration of the wider environment in which architecture and engineering must operate. It is the policy, planning and consideration of the space around the development, the way in which our vast networks of streets, bridges, buildings and open spaces are linked together.

At Lorclon, our expertise in Urban Realm has become much sought after and we were awarded the contract for London Bridge Station, where we are trusted to providing a high quality environment around the station that is both asthetically pleasing, sympathetic to the architecture and surroundings and a place that commuters, residents and tourists will find pleasurable to visit.Our approach is innovative, our thinking vibrant and our dedication to perfection is just part of the job!